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Welcome to Project Starfish America
Note: This website is dedicated to provide information to blind/v.i job seekers. Business users are recommended to browse www.pSTARFISH.org

Project Starfish is a creative approach to bridge the unemployment gap that exists with blind professionals in the USA and worldwide. Perhaps 70 to 80% blind professionals have no extra source of income or employment. Project Starfish is a new socio-economic model that helps the blind/Visually Impaired learn, earn, grow and become employable, thus reducing the gap! The reason it is termed as a “socio-economic” model is the fact, the program creates new jobs that never existed before, which is then converted to jobs that blind professionals can execute. While it creates a business impact, it also creates a social impact at the same time, hand in hand. A perfect Win-Win , thus making it sustainable. No doubt its called a “socio-economic” model.

Project Starfish also is an opportunity platform that creates a business camaraderie between highly skilled blind people with start-ups/small businesses who need part time and affordable multi-skilled talent to grow their business. Our amazing training, mentorship, hands on business ramp up program, and business engagement with mainstream businesses create the opportunity platform and the inclusive business camaraderie that is key to create highly employable blind professionals. Project Starfish assists unemployed yet talented blind learn, earn, grow consequently making them employable. In short walk in with a half-page resume and no experience, and walk out in 6 months with 6 pages of resume, business experience, recommendations, remuneration and biggest of all the confidence to face any interview.

Project Starfish is also a worldwide movement! With unemployment rates so high, a different professional movement is needed to solve the problem. There has been amazing progress in the last 6 months, and we believe we maybe able to bridge the unemployment gap significantly by scaling this model throughout the United States. 80% of our existing 30 members have made an income/engaged with mainstream business. The model is scalable, repeatable, predictable, on demand and results driven. Our members do not need to travel, and can achieve everything needed to be employable just by using a telephone, internet and the computer. Everyone works from home. We have started in Canada and Australia recently with India joining soon. We intend to grow to 100 members in 2014 and 1000 members in 2017.

For more Information, below are two sections. The first, Section A, provides a brief synopsis about Project Starfish. Consider that to be a 2 minute simple overview of the details. Section B has details and several links which are available from the Menu as well. If you are ambitious, talented, want to learn, earn, grow professionally and want to become employable, this is the most professional atmosphere for you. We do not charge money, we do not seek money, or handouts or charity for the time being. The Founders train the members, and fund the program themselves because they are passionate about making a difference. However Project Starfish selects members very carefully to ensure they have the potential.

*Start of Section A:Brief Synopsis About Project Starfish:*

Project Starfish America aims to offer a new type of opportunity; a socio-economic platform for talented individuals who are blind or have other disabilities, seeking to learn, be productive, make money, raise awareness and be employable. Participants in Project Starfish work virtually from home via phone, Internet, and Skype, and can be based anywhere in the United States , and perhaps anywhere in the world. By joining, you can be part of a talent pool of business consultants.

Project Starfish offers a variety of hands on opportunities, allowing its consultants to learn. They not only discover how to focus on their best skills as well as learn additional ones, but they also learn to work together as a collaborative team, giving them a feeling of working in an office. As you start to sharpen your skills and business perspective, you are pooled into what is known as a shared service. In order to define this concept, think about a number of skilled resources which can be shared among multiple businesses. In this way, one consultant can provide marketing strategy to a business, another helps to design and set up their website and a third can develop the business’s social media presence. The same talent can work with multiple businesses as a freelancer generating multiple income. It is up to the businesses to determine what kind of talent they need, and money is paid to the individual directly for the part time hours worked and in advance! Project Starfish does not accept any money, and is privately funded by the Founders, Subhashish (better known as Subs , pronounced Soobs or Subes or Suubs) and Soumita Acharya , a husband-wife team based out of Boston , Massachusetts.

As you may know, small businesses and startups are America’s biggest employer, and they either are not aware or cannot afford the right resources. Businesses work and collaborate with the talented blind via the Project Starfish platform, and can get the work done at an affordable cost because the same resource can be used by multiple companies. This is exactly what small businesses need because cash flow is their biggest challenge. This combination creates a win-win camaraderie between blind people and businesses!

* End of Section A: Brief Synopsis About Project Starfish:*

*Start of Section B – Details about Project Starfish:*

If you are here , perhaps you are looking for additional information :

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These are the topics:

1. Who are we?
2. What do we do?
3. What’s our Philosophy?
4. What’s in it for you?
5. Who is the founder and Board members?
6. Who are our existing members?
7. Where are we located?
8. What have we achieved so far? What accolades have we received? What are people saying about us in general?
9. Why did we start Project Starfish? Who runs the organization? ( Coming soon)
10. Why the name Project Starfish? ( Coming soon)
11. Where are we headed? ( Coming soon)
12. Other FAQ’s or Frequently asked questions ( Coming soon)

So , if you have read till here , go back and click on the links. If you have a problem navigating the website or have any questions , please do send us an email ( preferred). The email address is star@projectstarfishusa.org . We would love to hear from you, and quite responsible in replying back.

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    excellent work – displaying the skills and talents of members is beneficial to the entire community.

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